Surya Namaskar 7 Yoga

The postures of Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation- a deeper insight

4. Ashwa sanchalanasana ( Equestrian pose)

The Posture: From Pada hastasana, extend your right leg backward, toes pointed down, your leg straight or with the knee touching the floor.The left knee remains bent.Extend your fingers towards the floor.Stretch your spine, open your chest, lift your chin upwards.
The Breath: Deep inhalation.
The attitude: One of balance; rooted to the earth (feminine), reaching up to the sky (masculine).
The focus: Ajna Chakra-The Brow Center- sublimation of personal ego.
The understanding: Addressing the inner male and female, the duality of yin and yang, to experience the energy of Oneness.

The chant: om (hraim) bhanavey namaha – ‘hraim’ being the beeja or seed syllable that is purely vibrational in nature.
The mantra meaning: Prostrations to him who diffuses light, who illumines.

Benefits at the –

Physical Level: Tones the spine, increases flexibility and strength in the legs; massages the abdominal organs.
Mental Level: Increase awareness; focus
Energetic Level: Balancing opposing energies.
Spiritual Level: Opening oneself up to deeper understanding

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