Surya Namaskar 4 yoga

The postures of Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation- a deeper insight.

1. Pranam asana:
The Posture: Stand with feet slightly apart, spine lifted, at ease; shoulders thrown back, relaxed.Hands together, in prayer position. Chin slightly tucked in. Eyes closed.
The Breath: smooth and easy.
The attitude: Preparedness
The focus: Anahata chakra, the Heart center; the space of friendliness and compassion to all;
The understanding: Begin anything with a sense of deep reverence.

The chant: om (hram) mitraya namaha – ‘hram’ being the beeja or seed syllable that is purely vibrational in nature.
The meaning: Oh Friend, I salute you.

Propitiating the outward sun for its life giving energy even as the journey to experience the inner sun begins.

Benefits at the –
Physical Level: Helps align the spine naturally; creates balance by distributing  weight equally on both the feet. Opens up the chest for natural breathing to happen easily and smoothly.
Mental Level: Helps steady the mind and focus on the breath.
Energetic Level: Balances the left and right hemisphere of the brain; activates the minor chakras and the five elements represented by the five fingers and the palms of the hands.
Spiritual Level: One of reverence and supplication; gathering dispersed energy to look within…

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