Surya Namaskar 3 Yoga

Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation- a deeper insight.

Look at the sequence of the Surya namaskar postures. Except for postures six and seven they are the same in reverse order, coming back to the original starting point. There is the allusion to some alchemy, a profound irreversible transformation that is happening here. Posture six or ashtanga namaskar is done on bahya kumbhaka or complete emptiness after exhale. And this namaskar represents total surrender which can truly happen only when you have emptied yourself of  egoic manifestations.

It is immediately followed by bhujangasana or the cobra pose which traditionally represents the rising kundalini energy or the serpent power. It is a symbolic understanding of the truth that the Divine energy that resides within you like a coiled snake can only raise itself to higher expression of consciousness when complete surrender has happened within you. And thereafter everything is seemingly the same but it is not! Now awakened consciousness or the extraordinary potential energy flows through every cell in your body and radiates in every word and action of yours, however mundane it may seem.

Now you are truly the enlightened one! Now you are the brilliance of Buddha, the Awakened One!

This is really the greatness of Surya namaskar as envisioned by our sages and yogis. It is a practise that has the potential to reveal and radiate your inner sun in all its magnificent glory. That is why it is called the King of Asana practise.

May your day begin with the gift of Surya namaskar ….

(recommended that medical advice be taken before doing any of the exercises. Always better to initiually start under the guidance of a trained Yoga instructor.)

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