Surya Namaskar 11 Yoga

From bhujang asana,the cobra position, curl your toes in, and with palms flat on the floor lift your body,pointing your hips up into adhomukha svanasana, downward dog position or the inverted ‘v’ posture.Lower the heels to the floor. Do not force them to the ground. Nor move your body and make adjustments to somehow get heels to floor.Focus on the breath and allow the legs to relax, at their own pace. Just observe and let go of inner tightness. You will soon be able to do the complete stretch effortlessly. Feel the beautiful stretch from the tips of your fingers, all the way up your arms, shoulders, back, spine , the hamstrings, the calves and heels.
The movement is on an exhale breath.
 If you are a long time practitioner and wish to stay in this posture for a couple of breaths,( though that is not a part of the surya namaskar progression) you will find that the three bandhas, locks, can be done very naturally and easily. Check with your yoga teacher about the readiness of your body-breath-mind to do this. Bandhas can be powerful ‘movers and shakers’ of energy, so you need to handle it with awareness.
 The focus is on the vishuddhi chakra, the throat center, which aids in expressing your uniqueness, creativity and endurance.
The chant is: om hreem mareechaye namaha.
The meaning: “Prostration to Him who posesses rays”. or “Salutations to Him who is the Lord of Dawn and source of vibrations.
It is interesting to note that the 1st posture that comes immediately after the ‘awakening’  is one of supplication, gratitude and surrender and the breath is an exhale. All aspects of the expression of the feminine energy signalling the ability to be receptive .

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