how soccer explains the world …..

in the first part of the book, Foer tries to explain “the failure of globalization to erode ancient hatreds in the game’s great rivalries”, commonly referred to as football hooliganism.

In the second part of the text, the author uses soccer “to address economics: the consequences of migration, the persistence of corruption, and the rise of powerful new oligarchs like Silvio Berlusconi, the President of [both] Italy and the AC Milan club”.

In the final part, Foer uses soccer “to defend the virtues of old-fashioned nationalism”, as “a way to blunt the return of tribalism”.The book thus challenges theories that a universal, globalist philosophy will subsume local nationalisms. Overarching structures such as the European Union and the United Nations may attain structural prominence, but underneath the veneer of these structures, vibrant sub-cultures and tribal loyalties remain, and may even be strengthened by modern communications like the Internet. They may thus foreshadow not the hope for unity sought by globalized bureaucratic and political elites and corporate oligarchs, but increasing fragmentation and national/ethnic conflict within outward facades of globalized unity.

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