He  is called Uddhamsotto – “He who goes upstream” ……

Uddhamsoto is a beautiful word that Buddha uses many times. Uddham means great endeavor; Soto means the source. The English word ‘source’ comes from the same root as soto. The Sanskrit word is Short; from shrot comes the English word ‘source’ and the Pali word ‘soto’. Buddha speaks Pali; he is using soto. Uddhamsoto means a man who is trying, with all his being, to reach to the source, to the very source of being. His whole effort is to know the ultimate, the very ground of existence, because that is where truth is, God is, nirvana is.

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  2. Amazing Blog!… Widely informative and beautifully laid out.

  3. Awesome! One of best blogs out there with a wide variety of topics that keep the reader engaged. Please keep posting 🙂

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Wonder, silence, gratitude

one who is going upstream ......

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one who is going upstream ......

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