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the geometry of a frame – that is the angles between the tubes of a frame – is largely determined by the intended application of the bicycle.
Criterium,triathlon,time trail,touring and sportive bikes are variations of the road bike, for different purposes.
They may look roughly the same shape,but in fact they each have a different geometry, giving them different ride characteristics.
Mountain and commuter bikes have a different geometry again.

Frame geometry is an important factor in how a bicycle rides,how comfortable it is, how it responds to a rider’s manoeuvres, how it corners,descends and even climbs.
Many other factors al;soaffect ride quality – from the frame and fork materials to tyre pressure – but the geometry of a frame sets the parameters.
Few cyclists ever think about frame geometry.
If you buy a mass- manufactured bike, it’s scarcely a consideration.

Along with the immaculate fit and right tubing material,geometry is an intrinsic part of buying a bespoke bicycle.
Get the geometry of the frame wrong and you end up with a bike that is at best uncomfortable, and at worst, dangerous to ride.
Get it right, and the bike will have the handling characteristics you desire.

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