Sabha Parva

sabha parva - vana parva vol 2

Ramesh Menon


Mahabharata Book 2 Sabha Parva (The Book of the Assembly Hall) is a book about how Maya Danava erects the palace and court (sabha), at Indraprastha. Life at the court, Yudhishthira’s Rajasuya Yajna, the game of dice, and the eventual exile of the Pandavas.

This book also gives details of how and why the trio Krishna, Arujna and Bheem kill Jarasandha, and how Krishna kills Shishupala.

This book has 9 sub-parvas and 80 sections. The following are the sub-parvas:

1. Sabhakriya Parva (sections: 1-4)
2. Lokapala Sabhakhayana Parva (sections: 5-13)
3. Rajasuyarambha Parva (sections: 14-19)
4. Jarasandhta-vadha Parva (sections: 20-24)- The sub-parva describes how and why the trio Krishna, Arjuna and Bhima killsJarasandha.
5. Digvijaya Parva (sections: 25-31)
6. Rajasuyika Parva (sections: 32-34)
7. Arghyaharana Parva (section: 35-38)
8. Sisupala-vadha Parva (sections: 39-44) – The sub-parva describes how and why Krishna kills Sisupala in the shaba during the Rajasuya yagna.
9. Dyuta Parva (sections: 45-80) – This sub-parva describes how the pandavas were invited by Dhritarashtra(when forced by Duryodhana) for the game of dice. It also details howShakuni provokes Yudhisthira for the game of dice and wins everything Yudhisthira possesses by deceit. Yudhisthira looses all his kingdom but is given back as a boon toDraupadi nu Djrotarasjtra. However, the Pandava are invited back again for the game of dice and they play for one stake viz., exile into the woods for 12 years and the 13th year, unrecognized in some inhabited place, and if they are recognized in the 13th year they are found then they would go into exile for another 12 years. And the Pandava lose to Shakuni and are sent to exile.

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