once upon a time
(which is most of the time in human history , less the last three hundred years !)
when logic and mathematics happily co-existed with spirits demons angels and god’s religion(s)
fields were ploughed
swords fabricated and
wars were fought
and stories and poetry written
myths were celebrated and the  subtleties
the  metaphors and the allegories
brahmasutras kamasutras arthshastras
ramayana and mahabharta were written
stories rich in puns  paradoxes riddles dilemmas contradictions conundrums enigmas and mysteries
it was all karma without marx
i must confess !
the farmer ploughed his fileds
the artisans spun his wheels
merchant traded far and wide
and the soldiers strutted and sputtered
priests conversed with the gods
and the nobles and the kings
had a good time ……
mahabharata was written
before logic and mathematics married science
and produced the the reformation and industrial revolution
modern age
communism socialism and secularism !
so its archiac
and open to  many interpretations
sit back and enjoy
my interpretation of
as told to me by a Dude
is a story within a story within a poem
it is a allegorical story  of the search of the ‘self’
with the armies that are arranged on the battle field
the metaphors of the demons and the wild crazy-graphic and not-so-graphic thoughts that populate our ‘lunatic head’
to clear this ‘lunacy’ and defeat the ‘demons’
swirling inside the head
is the mahabharat that needs to be won …
the challenge is to go beyond what you are and the maelstrom in your head
starting from the parental conditioning
and going beyond the teachers and the taught – beyond the ‘education’ and knowledge
and across the shackles of societal obligations and limitations
and finally beyond one’s pride and ego –
if the Pandavas are assumed to the quest for the Self
and the Kauravas are the challenges to be overcome  …
the the pandavas encounter the serious challenges in the form of four ‘enemy’ commanders who they have to slay before they can progress ahead …
and the the four commanders are
and Duryodhana
Bhishma – signifying parental conditioning –
the first opponent and the foremost of the ‘opponent’ to clarity
and so starts the
mahabharata battle within …
first thing, when you start fighting the Mahabharata inside your head to know your ‘true self’,
is to ‘kill’ the ‘parental conditioning’ ………
its genetic and hard coded and has  been
seriously drilled into your head from the moment you are born
your parental conditioning can never be completely defeated
will be there with you till you die
but you have to do something to the extent that they do not bother you too much
So first is your parental conditioning.
and that ‘Bhishma’ doesnt die till the end of the war and that too at a time of his choosing also means that the parental conditioning is so strong and deep that it cannot be completely ‘killed’ … and it will only ‘die’ when it chooses to die ……..
Once Bhisma is laid low on his bed of arrows,
(you can never get away from your parental conditioning that is to say !)
one has to get beyond the acharya – Dronacharya
the second person who becomes the chief of the Kaurava army is.
Dronarcharya – acharya nonpareil !
symbolic of  our educational conditioning ……our learning and our knowledge
Once you have overpowered the parental conditioning to the extent that they no longer hamper  you, the second fight that you have to fight is your educational conditioning, the conditioning that comes from your reading
your learning your teachers and you gurus
your very own  knowledge ……..  !  your so called ‘wisdom’ …..!
After’ Dronacharya’, is subdued
and you have come to terms with the limitations of your knowledge
there is Karna – the epitome of societal conditioning
and you have to go beyond the conditioning of the societal obligations
Karna – the supreme symbol of filial loyalty friendship obligation, cultural conditioning, and social ethics and morality ,
the very fabric and leitmotiv of our day to day social and cultural existence ….
after parental conditioning and educational conditioning, one has to ‘see- through this ‘curtain’’  of accumulated societal obligation, friendship, cultural conditioning, societal conditioning,
to overcome the karna within you is much more difficult …..
and if and after karna is overcome
you will encounter pride and ego – Duryodhana
and come face to face with the last and final challenge
Duryodhana himself – or your own Self !
symbolized by your ego.
As long as the ego is alive, even after you have overcome all these conditionings the war is not over.
Ultimately this ego has to be defeated.
This ego is very strong.
The last thing is the ego, if the ego is subdued
then the Mahabharata war within you
is over.

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