T20 workload and some variables and a comparison ….


In T20 each team faces 20 six-ball overs, with fielding restrictions termed a powerplay (only 2 fielders are allowed outside the 30 yard circle, with another 2 players besides the wicketkeeper in catching positions a maximum of 15 yards from the bat) applying in the first six overs of each innings.
The allocated time for each innings is 80 minutes, with specific rules implemented in T20 cricket to increase the speed of the game;
dugouts have players closer to the pitch
and the new batsman must be ready within 90 seconds (2 minutes in other forms of cricket) after a wicket falls
or risk being ‘timed out’.
There are also financial penalties imposed upon team captains and players for time wasting and slow over rates.
Anecdotally, the rules seem effective in speeding up the game as players jog between fielding positions and run to get into position between overs.

Recently, an analysis of team, batting and bowling indicators of performance showed that winning T20 sides captured more wickets in the first and last six overs of an innings . In addition, data from the Hawk-Eye video-based ball tracking system has been used to compare the bowling styles (ball release speed, pitching line and length) between three different types of matches (Test, 50-over, and T20) and three different types of right arm bowler (fast, medium and off-spin).
The authors found that the bowler’s styles remained constant despite the batsmen’s playing style becoming more aggressive in the shorter the game formats of cricket Although these studies highlight actual strategies and tactics of game play they did not describe the player physical demands.

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