sexual politics – biological 2b

It is often assumed that patriarchy is endemic in human social life, explicable or even inevitable on the grounds of human physiology.
Such a theory grants patriarchy logical as well as historical origin.
Yet if as some anthropologists believe, patriarchy is not of primeval origin, but was preceded by some other social form we shall call pre-patriarchal, then the argument of physical strength as a theory of patriarchal origins would hardly constitute a sufficient explanation – unless the male’s superior physical strength was released in accompaniment with some change in orientation through new values or new knowledge.

Conjecture about origins is always frustrated by lack of certain evidence.
Speculation about prehistory, which of necessity is what this must be, remains nothing but speculation.
but, were one to indulge in it,

one might argue the likelihood of a hypothetical period preceding patriarchy.

What would be crucial to such a premise would be a state of mind in which the primary principle would be regarded as fertility or vitalist processes.
In a primitive condition, before it developed civilisation or any but the crudest technic, humanity would perhaps find the most impressive evidence of creative force in the visible birth of children, something of a miraculous event and linked analogically with the growth of the earth’s vegetation.

It is possible that the circumstance which might drastically redirect such attitudes would be the discovery of paternity.

There is some evidence that fertility cults in ancient society at some point took a turn toward patriarchy, displacing and downgrading female function in procreation and attributing the power of life to the phallus alone.
Patriarchal religion could consolidate this position by the creation of a male God or gods, demoting, discrediting, or eliminating goddesses and constructing a theology whose basic postulates are male supremacist, and one of whose central functions is to uphold and validate the patriarchal structure.

( the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost !)


( the Alphabet vs the Goddesses – by Leonard Shlain, will give an interesting analysis of this for some one who interested in reading more on this)

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