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July 1, 2012

Spain vs Italy Euro 2012 …..

football eventually is a system of twenty two elements

two sub-systems of eleven elements
moving within a defined area (pitch)
and subject to a series of restrictions (the laws of the game)
if the two sub-systems were equal, the outcome would be a draw
if one were stronger, it would win
so much is obvious
even if my manner of addressing it is not !
but the aspect that i find truly fascinating is that the sub-systems are subject to a peculiarity
the efficiency of the sub-system is greater than the sum of the efficiencies of the elements that comprise it
one must always remember that it is impossible to rely on luck or on accidents in modern football
it is necessary to create the ensemble, a collective of believers who subordinate themselves to the common playing idea
the team that achieves
synchronization of the actions and thoughts of the players
‘arrhythmia’ !
a combination of fluent play with sudden bursts into the box …..
an intensity of attacking action
sharp combinations
and the creation of unexpected chances
Spain seems better at it than Italy …..
when we talk about tactical plans for the final match
the first thing the respective coaches will be having in mind is to strive for new courses of action that will not allow the opponent to adapt to their style of play
if the opponent has adjusted himself to their style of play and found a counter-play, then they need to find a new strategy
that is he dialectic of the game
you have to go forward in such a way and with such a range of attacking options that it will force the opponents to make a mistake
in other words, it’s necessary to force the opponent into the condition you want them to be in
one of the most important means of doing that is to vary the size of the playing area
keep the preferred playing area as large as possible while in possession
and as small as possible while out
Spain seems to be better at that than Italy
sometimes people say that football’s meaning is only in attack
but it is nearer the truth to say that when we possess the ball, we are attacking
when our opponent possess the ball, we are defending
from this fundamental, football strategy is derived
how,where and when to attack or defend
possession is everything
Spain seems to be better at that than Italy ……
to attack it is necessary to deprive the opponent of the ball
when is it easier to do that
with five players or with all eleven ?
the most important thing in football is what a player is doing on a pitch when he’s not in possession of the ball, not vice-versa.
so when we say that we have an excellent player that comes from the following principle – one percent talent and 99 percent hard work …..
and Spain seem to have more of these players … …
but Italy haven’t lost to Spain in a competitive game for the last hundred years !
Wonder, silence, gratitude

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one who is going upstream ......

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