‘stories do not exist to tell the facts, but to convey the truth’

it is said that in ancient India

a queen had designated her only son as heir to the throne.
when the son was assassinated, the queen’s council searched for the proper way to convey the tragic news to her.
they approached a philosopher with the predicament.
he sat for three days in silent thought
and then he said : ” summon a carpenter with wood of two colours, white and black.”
the carpenter came
the philosopher instructed him to carve thirty-two small figurines from wood
after this was done, the philosopher said to the carpenter, ” bring me tanned leather,” and directed him to cut it into the shape of a square and to etch it with sixty-four smaller squares.
he then arranged the pieces on the board and studied them silently.
finally, he turned to his disciple and announced. ” this is war without bloodshed.”
he explained the game’s rules and the two began to play.
word quickly spread about the mysterious new invention, and the queen herself summoned the philosopher for a demonstration.
she sat quietly, watching the philosopher and his student play a game.
when it was over, one side having check-mated the other, the queen understood the intended message.
she turned to the philosopher and said, ” my son is dead.”
“you have said it,” he replied
the queen turned to the door-keeper and said. ” let the people enter to comfort me.”

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one who is going upstream ......

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