The Jungle is Neutral – one hundred observations on leadership 81-90

Rule 81

The wise leader settles for good work and then lets others have the floor.

Rule 82

  • Learn to lead in a nourishing manner.
  • Learn to lead without being possessive.
  • Learn to be helpful without taking credit.
  • Learn to lead without coercion.

Rule 83

For leadership to flower some things are necessary:

  • The room to maneuver
  • A belief in oneself
  • An awareness of other worlds
  • A capacity for loneliness.

Rule 84

For effective leadership:

  • Trust your subordinate
  • Develop a vision
  • Keep your cool
  • Encourage risk
  • Be an expert
  • Invite dissent
  • Simplify

Rule 85

Vision: The thing that most sets aside leaders from managers.

Rule 86

Vision must be built around a number of principles:

  • It must be different.
  • It must have an element of surprise.
  • It must make sense to others.
  • The leader must live the vision.
  • It requires the trust and support of others to be realised.

Rule 87

Awareness (Knowing what is happening is important.)

Rule 88

When you cannot see what is happening in a group, do not stare harder. Relax and look gently with your inner eye.

Rule 89

When you do not understand what a person is saying do not grasp for every word. Give up your efforts. Become silent inside and listen with your deepest self.

Rule 90

When you are puzzled by what you see or hear do not strive to figure things out. Stand back for a moment and become calm. When a person is calm, complex events appear simple.

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