The Jungle is Neutral – one hundred observations on leadership 51-60

Rule 50

Keep your big company small. (Bigness and bureaucracy work to separate human beings.

Rule 51

People often make the mistake of trying to fabricate relationships, instead of trying to grow them.

Rule 52

How you respond to failures determines whether your team learns anything from it or fear it forever after.

Rule 53

Instead of condemnation or derision, just ask: “What have you learned?”

Rule 54

One thing about tigers — and friends — is that they do not, so to speak, eat their young. They don’t discard relationships because of a disappointment.

Rule 55

There are two important words in the English language that are very much misused and abused; they are ‘friend’ and ‘friendship’. When you say to a person, ‘I am your friend’ you have said about the ultimate.

Rule 56

There is nothing like an unmitigated disaster to test one of the jungle’s most vital elements — loyalty.

Rule 57

Loyalty is the backbone of any relationship.

Rule 58

Communicating in the jungle, as a rule, should be done both often and briefly.

Rule 59

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

Rule 60

When you mark new territory, walk towards your horizon.

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