The Jungle is Neutral – one hundred observations on leadership 41-50

Rule 41

Without question, the best leads are the ones that identify decision makers, not role players.

Rule 42

In business you need to ask questions, listen to answers, and think like a detective.

Rule 43

Ask questions:

  • Listen for ways to share goals
  • Follow the passions
  • Do your homework
  • Use your other relationship
  • Don’t waste their time
  • Deliver on your promise

Rule 44

There is nothing more demoralizing than a small but adequate income !

Rule 45

Them that does, gets!

Rule 46

Not everyone can be recognised But no one must go unnoticed.

Rule 47

When you find the best competitor out there make him your only one.

Rule 48

Lie perfectly still and listen to the enemy.

Rule 49

If a competitor is stalking you, extinction will not.

Rule 50

Keep your big company small. (Bigness and bureaucracy work to separate human beings.)

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