The Jungle is Neutral – one hundred observations on leadership 11-20

Rule 11

Tigers don’t freeze even when the wheels come off a plan.

Rule 12

Beware the goal beyond your control.

Rule 13

One of the dangers of autonomy is excess. (Beware of ‘Toos Disease’ — too much, too many, too big, too fast, too soon, and so on…)

Rule 14

Emotional conviction is fine — is cherished — when things are sailing along but dispassion provides a better view of the race.

Rule 15

Anyone who seeks control will automatically inherit crisis (so it’s important to know how to deal with them).

Rule 16

Crisis is the best place to start a new business.

Rule 17

One great lesson of crisis management is that patience is no virtue. (Once you know what you have to do, just do it.)

Rule 18

Carpe diem — seize the day! (If you have stalked your goal, it will eventually cross your path. Take it instantly or risk losing it.)

Rule 19

The truth is, few people want to do dirty work, and a lot of people like to undermine it.

Rule 20

Dirty work is best done cleanly.

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