Is Roger Moore to blame for the confusion over David Cameron’s foreign policy?


As an avid James Bond fan, Cameron’s earliest impressions of Britain’s standing in the world will have been shaped by Moore’s portrayal of 007 in the 1970s.

Moore had a habit of dropping in on British warships across the globe for meetings with “M” as he saved the world from Blofeld or the Soviet threat. Shortly after Soviet Agent Triple X dropped her gun in the picture above – for a predictable kiss with Bond – the entire elite of British intelligence peered down through the window of their escape pod when it popped up on a British warship.

So our future prime minister grew up thinking that Britain could project its power across the world. The Bond movies would obviously have been ruined if they had worked in a key development in British foreign policy eleven years before Bond’s kiss with Agent Triple X in 1977. That was the retreat from East of Suez.

Perhaps Cameron’s love of Bond explains why the prime minister has been, in the words of one senior Tory, “shooting from the hip” in his response to the Libyan crisis.

……      But Tory MPs are beginning to worry that Cameron is over-estimating his ability to shape events. One senior Tory told me:There are times when you get the feeling that the prime minister is shooting from the hip.

Another Tory said: If David Cameron is James Bond then William Hague is George Smiley. ……

……..  With Tories criticising Cameron’s tendency over the past week to shoot from the hip, they can at least rest assured that his admiration of James Bond only goes so far. He does not actually want to be Bond. This is what he told Patrick Wintour and myself in 2008 when we asked whether he identified himself with 007 …   ” No. No I don’t. I do not. I am not Bond.”

( Watt and Wintour in the Guardian )

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