a history of chess …

“This philological evidence derives some support from the documentary evidence. The earliest works which make mention of chess date from about the beginning of the 7th century A. D., and are associated with the northwest India, Persia, and Islam. It is difficult to assign exact dates, but the oldest of a number of nearly contemporary references is generally assumed to be a mention of chess in a Middle Persian romance –the ‘Karnamak’– which is ascribed with some hesitation to the reign of Khusraw II Parwiz, the Sasanian king of Persia, 590-628 A. D. The others belong to northwest India.”

One Comment to “a history of chess …”

  1. Sometime I imagine, how intelligent our ancestors are? They create the games that we are still playing. But computer games; hardly once finished, we never play it again. Because of the hardels that are fixed. You, me and our friends will play the game and finish it in same way that designed into the software. Why people in our generation is unable to create things that could be immortalized by generations? Like Chess. I will love to read that book.

    Thanks for writing about the book in your post.


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