kashi …….

in the empty killing fields of Awankhul

kashi, i see you

walking ahead of time !

lengthening shadows on those winding tracks

dripping sweat and sunset memories

proud striding into secret ambushes

still nursing that faraway thirst

the pure circulation of

your dreams without direction

many evenings you’d sat with randhir and prem

swapping stories and reminiscences

laying the tired day to rest like

an old newspaper

under the bottle of whiskey

before launching into the night

burning ideas, dreams and hopes

in gentle guitar strummed strains

spinning rainbows and ringing

obscure romantic military philosophies stretching

taut across the sky quivering

late into the morning

attempting to transcend

the span of a generation

by pouring shared experiences

down test tubes

to burn later on secret personal cricibles

soldier, singer, brother

reentless warrior

dreamer, lonely ascetic of an bygone era

kashi, i see you, journeying alone

power striding into that final encounter

parting the syllables of fear and courage

spiking light outa that stormy night and

between that acid and and the sweat

of crumbling time and fading breath

is this echo of that one last song

and i gather up that familiar echo

it is the colour that wants to live

to win, to rejoice, to engulf, to remain

and i am alone with appa now

silently shouting echoes across

the empty fields as …….

(Capt Kashinathan Santhanam,  Shauraya Chakra , Sena Medal  … 28 Oct 1960 – 18 dec 1985 … RIP )

One Comment to “kashi …….”

  1. I remember him walking down the streets of Nandanam with his dog where I grew up saying “I’m more friendlier than my dog”.

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