warrior ……



…..  returning from the initiatory space of the battle-field to the normal world is every bit as mysterious a journey as entering the Temple of Mars. The world you left behind has changed and you have changed. You know parts of yourself that you, and those you’ve lived with all your lives, never knew before. You’ve been evil, and you’ve been good, and you’ve been beyond good and evil. You’ve split your mind from your heart, and you’ve split your heart from grief and your mind with fear. Ultimately, you’ve been in touch with the infinite, and now you are trying to reconcile yourself to the mundane. The warrior of the future will need to know how to enter and exit both the worlds, if not with ease, then at least without permanently disintegrating his or her personality …

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Wonder, silence, gratitude

one who is going upstream ......

SS24 - in search of the bull !

one who is going upstream ......

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