discipline and responsibility ……


for any degree of consistency in courage you need to have two things


and Responsibility

Discipline not like in coming to the class/parade/office on time

or being obedient to all rules …. that’s ‘ordinary’ discipline ..

the word ‘discipline’ comes from disciple …

disciple is one who has the attitude to learn ..

discipline is an attitude of learning …..

Responsibility is not a ‘load’

or a  burden


the ability to respond to a given situation

ability comes from knowledge

ability comes from competence

ability only comes when one is willing to learn

when one has a disciplined attitude towards knowledge ..

this ability gives one the capability to respond

Respond to any challenging situation

and when one has the ability to respond and rise to the challenge

He is has courage – he is courageous …


courage comes from the heart

courage is built on discipline and responsibility

courage is not the absence of fear

courage is the ability to have an attitude of learning throughout your life and learning the capability to respond to all challenges

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