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The website has been created under the auspices of the Media Foundation, which is based in New Delhi. Its registered office is 11C Dewan Shree, 30 Ferozshah Road, New Delhi 11002.

The Foundation is a society of like-minded individuals founded in 1979 to achieve the following objectives:

To promote, support, encourage and undertake social science, statistical and scientific research pertaining to the print, electronic, film and other media with a view to enhancing and strengthening their freedom and       independence; to uphold constitutional freedom of speech, expression and information; and to encourage freedom in society and enhance the quality of life through media and process of communication.

In pursuance of these it may do the following:

a) Sponsor research projects, studies, publications, lectures, seminars and discussions, including those pertaining to the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of communications systems and  problems.

b) Support research and development in design, graphics, type, keyboards and any of     the arts, artefacts and equipment that are or could be used by the media or enhance their utility in any way.

c) Promote and support research and development in appropriate, adaptive and advanced technology with a view to making the media accessible to the masses atlow cost, especially in the rural areas.

d) Promote such training courses and facilities for creating, fostering and encouraging the growth of skills, opportunities, and experience that enhance critical inquiry, and analysis, as well as creativity,  professionalism and excellence among practitioners of all branches of the media and communications generally.

e) Publish or cause to be published research studies, documents, monographs, articles and reports in print, film, tape or any other medium.

f) Offer grants, stipends, fellowships, or other assistance and make awards as may be appropriate.

g) Maintain a library and documentation centre of books, pictures, film, tape and other media materials and collections, which it may acquire or obtain for reference or exhibition.

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one who is going upstream ......

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