The postures of Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation- a deeper insight.

6. Ashtanga namaskar – 8 limbed salutation

The Posture: Also called sashtanga namaskar ( complete salutation). From adho mukha svanasana ( downward face dog) lower your knees,chest and  chin to the floor in that order; the sit muscles are lifted with the abdomen off the floor.As a variation, instead of the chin, touch the forehead to the floor.
The Breath: Bahya kumbhaka …moving into the posture on a hold after complete exhale.
The attitude: Total surrender
The focus: On the Manipura chakra
The understanding: When you have completely emptied yourself of emotional baggage, psychological debris and engraved memories at a cellular level, you create the space for surrender to happen;

The chant: om (hraha) pushne namaha – ‘hraha’ being the beeja or seed syllable that is purely vibrational in nature.
The mantra meaning:Salutations to the giver of strength and nourishment.

Benefits at the –

Physical Level: Works deeply on core muscles; strengthens limbs
Mental Level: Sense of unification; letting go.
Energetic Level: Integration of the energy centers; moving beyond fragmentation of Self.
Spiritual Level: Experiencing the dropping of the small ‘i’.

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