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May 24, 2011

chandra namaskar – 1 yoga

Chandra Namaskar…the lock of the night … a way to quite relaxation  and rejuvenation…a counter balance to the masculine energy of Surya Namaskar that powers the activities of the day.

Not a part of traditional yoga practises. Origin may be in the tribal practises of matriarchal societies; in sororities and covens of Wiccans… Done as a deep connection to the feminine wisdom symbolized by the full moon.

Physically works deeply on the hips, groin and thigh muscles…, quietens the mind when done in conjunction with the breath and energetically has the capacity to ground and stabilise. Is a very cooling and yet  powerful practise. Has the inherent potential to awaken the Divine Feminine in all of us

(recommended that medical advice be taken before doing any of the exercises. Always better to initiually start under the guidance of a trained Yoga instructor.)

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May 24, 2011

the matrix …


” …. Within the Matrix movie, then, we have the interaction of these two theories of the mind through the interaction of such characters as Neo, the Architect, the Oracle, and Agent Smith. But, as the third movie develops its plot, it is more than a mere theory of the mind that is developed. Also developed is a specific ontology, and this ontology seems to have its roots in the thought of Plato. For Plato there are three fundamental principles at work in any possible universe. These are the One, the Limited, and the Unlimited. The One simply represents unity as fundamental. If there is to be anything it must first possess unity. How things come to be, though, is through the interaction of the Limited and the Unlimited. Unity must exist, but if we are to have more than just unity something must expand, or develop. Such expansion is spurred by the Unlimited, which we can try to make sense of by thinking of it as unfettered growth. How are we then to have a variety of things, or, more accurately, explain the variety of things? Limits must be put on the Unlimited to generate such variety. A sphere comes to be such by having a circumference. Eventually red ceases and the next colour emerges. The basic idea is that there would be nothing without first having unity. Next we need growth, and if we are to have differentiation, then specific limitations must be placed on this growth in determinate ways…”
May 24, 2011

flatland ……

Although Flatland was not ignored when it was published, it did not obtain a great success. Proof of that can be considered the fact that in the entry on Edwin Abbot Abbot in the Dictionary on National Biography, Flatland is not even mentioned.

The book was discovered again after Einstein’s General theory of Relativity, which introduced the concept of a fourth dimension. Flatland was mentioned in a letter entitled “Euclid, Newton and Einstein” published in Nature on February 12, 1920. In such letter Abbott is depicted, in a sense, as a prophet due to his intuition of the importance of time to explain certain phenomena.

“Some thirty or more years ago a little jeu d’esprit was written by Dr. Edwin Abbott entitled Flatland. At the time of its publication it did not attract as much attention as it deserved… If there is motion of our three-dimensional space relative to the fourth dimension, all the changes we experience and assign to the flow of time will be due simply to this movement, the whole of the future as well as the past always existing in the fourth dimension.

—from a “Letter to the Editor” by William Garnett. in Nature on February 12, 1920.

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one who is going upstream ......

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