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May 3, 2011

proud mother and son learn in the same class

Gula Mohammed (40) of Laudus village, mother of 6 children, has enrolled in the literacy programme this year. All of her children are currently enrolled in the class, the youngest daughter is learning to read and write and the eldest one has finished 4th grade and continuing in the literacy programme. Sitting in the midst of young children from the village, Gula said “Before I was in the dark. I did not know anything about the world. I said to myself that I would try to solve my problem through education.” Answering the question on the reason for her to start so late she explained, “Before there was no Afar Education. Before the school was too far. Now the school is right in the village. My neighbour is the teacher. So I wanted to try.”
Describing the uniqueness of this educational approach Gula explained, “Many older women from the village come to the school, because this non formal school thinks about us.” She added, “Many of us cannot go to regular school. That’s why the class starts in the afternoon. I had to send my 3 children to get grass this afternoon. But I am here I can learn and show them what I learned”
Pointing to the other women in the class Gula said, “Until now we have the problem of school. We solved it. Many did not come to school because they did not have books and stationery. We solved it as well.” “I believe that we can solve the problem of our community,” she added. 
She takes a look around the class and points to her children one by one. Describing her plan for future Gula said, “I want my children to go to the government school. I want them to learn more. I want to help my children to further their education.”
Not far from her, in the same courtyard, Hati Ali (20), Gula’s eldest son was also learning the day’s lesson. He has been in the class for past 3 years. Describing his feeling about his mother attending the same school, he said with a animated voice, “I am really happy that my mother is also in the class. I want her to learn more. I try to help her with homework at home.” He added, “I will try to motivate my friends to bring their mother to class. I want to be an example to my friends. Inspire them.”
May 3, 2011

Lawrence’s last motorcycle

Lawrence’s last motorcycle (George VII aka GW 2275, built in 1932), was fitted with all the best Brough Superior equipment of the day. In particular it was equipped with the Bentley & Draper rear suspension system, Castle Brampton front forks, Royal Enfield brakes and Lucas electrical equipment. Its engine number was 22000/S and its frame number was 1041.S. The machine sported an Amal 1.1/16-inch carburettor and a Jaeger 120mph speedometer. Lawrence was famed for giving that speedo plenty of exercise in his high-speed dashes along the lanes of England – in fact he broke it more than once!

“I’m not a speed merchant, but ride fairly far in the day (occasionally 700 miles, often 500) and at a fair average, for the machine’s speed in the open lets one crawl through the towns, & still average 40-42 miles in the hour. The riding position & the slow powerful turn-over of the engine at speeds of 50 odd give one a very restful feeling. There, it is no good telling you all you knew before I did: they are the jolliest things on wheels.”

– T.E. LAWRENCE, a.k.a. “Lawrence of Arabia”

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one who is going upstream ......

SS24 - in search of the bull !

one who is going upstream ......

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