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May 16, 2013

Prince of Light ….


Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama (ラーマヤーナ ラーマ王子伝説, Rāmayāna: Rāma-Ōji Densetsu?)is a 1992 Indo-Japanese traditional animation feature film directed by Yugo Sako and Ram Mohan, produced by Sako and Krishna Shah and based on the Indian epic the Ramayana. An English-dubbed version with Hindi songs and narration by James Earl Jones  has been screened and released on home video under various names including Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama and Warrior Prince. It was released in the United States in a different, further localised English dub with additional music by Alan Howarth as The Prince of Light: The Legend of Ramayana in 2000.

May 16, 2013

Ramayan re-loaded


May 15, 2013

Ramayan 3392 A.D.

Virgin Comics? Ramayan 3392 A.D.

August 9, 2012

teh …..

Teh, also known as Demon of the Internet, embodies the spirit of incivility and poor grammar native to the digital domain.
Even before his first appearance, Teh’s effects were felt, as his mere proximity caused Panel and Caption to behave like uncivilized jerks.

Teh is intent on killing off The Alphabet once and for all, causing Phoebe to seek Panel One’s protection.

Also, Teh is very badly drawn. Caption and Panel attribute this to the fact that Teh embodies “the juvenile spirit of the internet,” but they were probably just showing their creator a kindness when they said this

August 9, 2012

The Alphabet (Phoebe) …..

1. The letters of a language, arranged in the order fixed by custom.
2. A system of characters or symbols representing sounds or things.
(American Heritage Dictionary)

Specifically, the Roman Alphabet, as used within the English language. Except sentient. And female. And somewhat polymorphic, being comprised of discrete, free-floating letters.

She generally goes by the diminutive, “Phoebe,” and has been seen to be distractable and easily bored. She has a rather high opinion of herself, considering herself “the root of language.” When her worth is questioned, she sometimes loses her temper–she once responded to insults from Caption by confiscating all of Captions Es, leaving her with a bad speech impediment

August 9, 2012

caption …..

Caption is the small blue box that Panel One’s dialogue appears in. Sarcastic, but pragmatic, she doesn’t have much patience for Panel One’s introspective angst. Also, she’s a bit of a potty mouth.

Her own aspirations are unrevealed as yet. Panel One hasn’t asked, and unlike Panel, Caption isn’t inclined to run off at the mouth about herself.

On the other hand, she is very much inclined to run off at the mouth whenever she’s confronted with poor logic or untruths–she has no patience for wrong ideas, no matter how innocuous.

She has also demonstrated a profound dislike for Phoebe, whom she considers both vapid and pretentious

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one who is going upstream ......

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