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May 11, 2011

sunset over the Belekiya Terara ranges …

( photo courtesy Balaji Saha )

sunset over the Belekiya Terrara ranges … as seen from the Camp in the Danakil depression…….

May 11, 2011

sunrise over the Danakil ‘Alps’ ….

( photo courtesy Balaji Saha )

sunrise over the Danakil ‘Alps’ ranges … as seen from the Camp in the Danakil depression…….

May 11, 2011

the power of presence …..


” Presence is a noun,
not a verb;
it is a state of being,
not doing.
true presence or “being with” another person carries with it a silent power —
to bear witness to a passage,
to help carry an emotional burden
or to begin a healing process.
In it,
there is an intimate connection
with another
that is perhaps too seldom felt in a society
that strives for ever-faster “connectivity.”
May 11, 2011

the “rest step” …..

”  When I was 19, I learned something called the “rest step” from an old mountain climber named Paul Petzoldt. He advised me to rest in the middle of each step completely, but briefly. The rest step, which I still practice today, allows me to walk or climb with little effort. I can move very quickly yet still find a pause in every step.

 In times of crisis, pace comes to my aid. Another of Petzoldt’s lessons was when faced with an emergency, sit down, collect yourself, make a plan. When needs seem most urgent — even life-threatening — the practice of slowing down offers calm and clarity
 Concentrating on how I move through the world is important. It’s why I reach mountain summits and life goals with energy to spare.
There is magic in any faith. Every once in a while, rushing about, my belief in pace rises up, slows me down and grants me a view of a sunset, a smile from a stranger or a conversation with a child. I owe these moments to what I learned from an old mountain climber and have practiced ever since.”
- Phil Powers

 ……  The amount of work accomplished is less important than the spirit and care I bring to what I do. Slowing the pace of our lives transforms the mundane into the transcendent. It teaches us how much there is to appreciate in simplicity.”

May 11, 2011

Dharana ….

Dharana in repose …

” to be balanced and direct energy to a single object is dharana !

When all your energy is directed towards one object or action…that naturally occuring focus is what Patanjali calls ‘dharana’…
The mind will be free within the periphery of this area, but it should not cross the boundary. This exercise is known as Dharana.

and for dharana in motion  see –

May 11, 2011

disrupting my comfort zone ….

” ……They say that life is tough enough. But I guess I like to make things difficult on myself, because I do that all the time. Every day and on purpose. That’s because I believe in disrupting my comfort zone.

So why do I continue to subject myself to this sort of thing? The answer is simple: Disrupting my comfort zone, bombarding myself with challenging people and situations—this is the best way I know to keep growing. And to paraphrase a biologist I once met, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.”
- Brian Grazer - movie producer
Wonder, silence, gratitude

one who is going upstream ......

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one who is going upstream ......

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